Cooked food gave us civilization


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Interesting read from Mother Jones about the Paleo diet. Michael Pollan hits some key points that run right along with my beliefs: Meat should be consumed in moderation (I promise, I’m forever Nebraskan) and that cooking for yourself is not only healthier for you but can really be a lot of fun.

Our hefty cousins, the apes, spend half their waking hours gnawing on raw sustenance, about six hours per day. In contrast, we spend only one hour. “So in a sense, cooking opens up this space for other activities,” says Pollan. “It’s very hard to have culture, it’s very hard to have science, it’s very hard to have all the things we count as important parts of civilization if you’re spending half of all your waking hours chewing.” Cooked food: It gave us civilization.

Pollan also points out that we should be eating more microbes. Microbes? Apparently my grandfather is smarter than I ever gave him credit for. His love for pickles makes so much sense now.

Check out the full article and take a listen to the Inquiring Minds podcast.

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