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Lo Mein and Roasted Veggies

At this point, it seems like all I’ve been writing about is how I have need-to-use-before-it-goes-bad type of recipes, but honestly? They’re the best. End of a crazy week or strapped for time all you need is whatever you already have.

Roasted veggies (recipe below) consisting of potatoes, carrots + cauliflower, fresh spinach, lo mein noodles + a girl’s best friend, Sriracha and pulling together a delicious + quick dinner was done in a snap! As always, if you must have meat, add whatever you’d like! Sausage, shrimp or chicken would be great in this dish! Serves 1

Roasting veggies:Roasted Veggies

– Cut up 5-6 small potatoes (peel, halve lengthwise, then chop 3-4 times to    create smaller, bite size pieces)
– Cut 2-3 full size carrots (peel, halve lengthwise, then chop into bite size pieces)
– 1-2 cups of cauliflower florets

Prepare a baking pan with a rim with tin foil. In a bowl, mix all your chopped veggies and top with olive oil (I don’t measure this. Don’t go crazy. 2-3 tablespoons is probably plenty) and a little dried basil. Mix well with a spatula + pour out onto foil covered baking pan.

Bake for 30-40 minutes at 400 degrees. The veggies will have some color to them and be tender. Remove immediately from the oven + let them completely cool if you’re going to use them later.

Lo mein + roasted veggies

In a small pot, heat up 2 cups of water + drop in 1 bouillon cube (I used beef, but chicken or veggie will work just as well – if you’d rather, heat up 2 cups of premade broth).

Once the broth is boiling, add your lo mein noodles (I used 1 bundle from my package) and cook according to package. Once the time is almost up, turn the heat to low and add your fresh spinach and roasted veggies and mix well into the soupy lo mein mixture. Serve into a bowl using a spoon with draining holes. Top with a little bit of the broth and Sriracha.


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