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I’m not sure when it happened. I suppose one day I woke up and instead of seeing street signs and advertisements on billboards out in the middle of corn fields, I saw typography, kerning and design. Lots of bad design at that.

The boyfriend shared this article with me today. He’d be the first to tell you that shopping, hell even driving around, can be pretty interesting when you live/hang out with a designer. You know what I mean if you’ve ever met one of us.

For those that aren’t so savvy in design here’s A Non-Designer’s Guide to Typefaces  & Layout.

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This article was shared with me the other day regarding the city of Chattanooga and their quest to have their own typeface. It’s been a while since I’ve posted something regarding design/typography and I have to say the idea to give a city it’s own typeface is refreshing. I can’t wait to see where it goes. Thanks to Charles Apple for the article.

Check out their video “Chatype”. It’s worth the 6 minutes (especially if you’re a design nerd like myself).

Chatype: A Typeface for Chattanooga! from D + J on Vimeo.

* photo from Newseum as seen on ACES *

A Tall Order


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“We never leave a word hanging out on a line by itself, much less on the next page.”

“We’re often more interested in the spaces between things than the things themselves.”

This article from Salon’s Imprint was shared with me yesterday and I feel it’s one worth posting. I’m always appreciative of a refreshing reminder of  “What being a graphic designer means.”


A long time coming


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My website is up and running! If you follow me on Twitter you know I love anything dealing with art, cooking & baking and hopefully I can use this as more than just a place to share my portfolio.

Bear with me & check back soon – I have a lot of interesting articles I’ve read that I want to discuss along with my experiences with reverting my personal recipes from what my dad likes to call “high-plains” to high altitude versions…and more than once!

Time for bed. Goodnight!


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