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Let me preface this post: Little Man Ice Cream in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver is what this girl’s dreams are made of! If you’re nearby (I’m talking 30 mile radius ‘nearby’) you must stop and try their ice cream or gelato. I would walk for hours, days, miles to have their strawberry ice cream!  Anyway…

Last night I had a staring contest with 3 really ripe bananas sitting on my counter. Wondering how to prevent them from going to waste (Déjà vu), I started looking for a new way to use them up. I came upon the solution, a recipe from theKitchn, a blog I’m very fond of.

A lover of all things ice cream, I was hesitant to believe I could get the same creamy texture and taste of soft serve ice cream using only frozen banana. Boy, did this recipe prove me wrong! Check it out for yourself. One-Ingredient Banana Ice Cream *they’re right about being patient and scraping down the food processor – be patient! I used my Ninja®  food blender*

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