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Spinach Artichoke Dip

This is one of my favorite recipes to throw together as an appetizer and travels nicely in my two-person crock pot. I serve sliced carrots and celery and tortilla chips with the dip. || Read more



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Tapas with Prosciutto

Tapas are basically appetizers or snacks that came about because you should never, ever drink on an empty stomach, right? Usually, the main ingredients are bread, cheese and meat of some kind. This book the BF got me while he was in Barcelona has a little bit more about the history but I’ll cut right to the chase! || Read more

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A few years ago in Kansas, my good friends Tim & Tyra taught me how to make these little gems! My tastebuds at the time were unsure if I’d like the jalapeño and the combination of ingredients seemed weird to me but, luckily, they proved me wrong!

The boyfriend and I grilled out with our friends last night and I decided I’d whip these up. Not really sure there’s ever been a name for them, but the boyfriend’s seems to do just fine. photography by Brandon Quester

What you’ll need:

  • 12 jalapeños, sliced in half, seeded, and rinsed
  • 1 block of cream cheese, softened
  • ½ cup (approx.) apricot (jam, jelly, preserves… whatever you like)
  • 1 package bacon (I use the center cut)
  • toothpicks
  1. Clean and prep the jalapeños. Rinse well and set aside. (plastic gloves are handy with this, especially if you plan on doing more than a dozen)
  2. Mix together the cream cheese and apricot jelly (I used to heaping spoonfuls).
  3. Fill one half of a jalapeño with the cream cheese mix and put the other half on top.
  4. Wrap one slice of bacon all the way around.
  5. Poke a toothpick to hold it all together.
  6. Place on a cookie sheet and do the remainder of the jalapeños.
  7. Grill on the top rack over medium heat until the bacon is cooked to a crisp and the cheese mix has set up!

These go quick but a dozen seemed to be the right amount for the four of us.

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