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There are a few things that go through my head when I smell egg noodles boiling in a pot. Winter in Nebraska. My mother making her beef and noodles and more importantly, her tuna casserole.

We all make different life connections with food + recipes, but for me, my mother’s tuna casserole 1) can never be beat 2) is the only way, even to this day I’ll eat tuna 3) makes me miss home. || Read more

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Goods from the Famers Market

Interesting read from Mother Jones about the Paleo diet. Michael Pollan hits some key points that run right along with my beliefs: Meat should be consumed in moderation (I promise, I’m forever Nebraskan) and that cooking for yourself is not only healthier for you but can really be a lot of fun.

Our hefty cousins, the apes, spend half their waking hours gnawing on raw sustenance, about six hours per day. In contrast, we spend only one hour. “So in a sense, cooking opens up this space for other activities,” says Pollan. “It’s very hard to have culture, it’s very hard to have science, it’s very hard to have all the things we count as important parts of civilization if you’re spending half of all your waking hours chewing.” Cooked food: It gave us civilization.

Pollan also points out that we should be eating more microbes. Microbes? Apparently my grandfather is smarter than I ever gave him credit for. His love for pickles makes so much sense now.

Check out the full article and take a listen to the Inquiring Minds podcast.

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Bacon Braised Green Beans

On my most recent trip back home to Nebraska, Dad pulled out all the stops (as usual) making beer chicken and these amazing bacon braised green beans. I dare any of you who don’t care for green beans to try these out. After all, bacon makes everything better, right? || Read more

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Me and my Mom

Wishing all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

A better BLT


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BLT ingredients

Summers in Nebraska meant visiting Grandma Herbert on the farm. It also meant fresh tomatoes and the best tasting BLT you’ll ever have. Times change, but luckily Grandma lives close to me here in Arizona and every time I make a BLT I think of her. She always made the best (so does my pop!) and I guarantee it had something to do with her tomatoes.

Now, I try and think of ways to not totally ruin a good, basic BLT but I am always curious to see how I can enhance the flavors of what a BLT is all about. Here’s my version! P.S. do not skimp on the bacon, don’t even bother with turkey bacon and buy really excellent (organic or homegrown if you can!) tomatoes. Heirloom are the best!

What you’ll need:

  • Lettuce
  • Arugula
  • 1 package of bacon (get all natural and center cut if you can – I love Applegate’s)
  • Mayo & mix-ins like cayenne, basil, cumin – whatever you like
  • 1 tomato
  • Bread of your choosing (grandma of course used good ol’ white bread – I use whole wheat now)
  1. Cook your bacon – I’m not giving you instructions on this. You may like it burnt, or undercooked, done in the microwave, oven or grill. I don’t care – just cook it.
  2. Clean up your greens (please use both, the arugula gives it an extra kick that’s fantastic – you could also add in spinach if you prefer)
  3. Slice up the tomato (thinly for easy stacking)
  4. Toast up your bread
  5. Assemble your sandwiches (duh).

My order usually looks something like this:
bread, mayo, bacon, tomato, lettuce, arugula, tomato, bacon, bread

Get creative with that mayo too! The mix-ins make a huge difference and enhance the taste. I also sprinkle my tomato with fresh ground black pepper!

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Nebraska Sunset

Going to grandma and grandpa’s meant having access to wide open land, horses, tractors, grandpa’s collection of classic cars, and a television with an antenna fully loaded with a few local Nebraska TV stations.

Luckily I had my two sisters and plenty of cousins and family to keep me busy when we were around, but when it was time to come inside we would turn on that little television, nine times out of 10 landing on PBS for lack of a better choice (I was too young for Jeopardy at the time).

My sister, cousins and Grandpa – Thanksgiving 1989

PBS was the mainstay and I was quickly hooked on the likes of Bob Ross (art nerd, remember?) and anything that had to do with cooking or “how to.” Of course if you really wanted to dig back we could talk about Ghostwriter, Reading Rainbow, Mister Rogers, Mr. Bean, Bill Nye, The Red Green Show, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego, Zoobilee Zoo… I digress.

Not much has changed for me since the 90’s in the world of TV. In the last couple of years I’ve ditched expensive cable’s thousand channels full of garbage and gone back to having just a few channels coming through my antenna (HD, mind you). The TV is seldom on but if it is and Game 3 of the NLCS is rained out for example (Go Giants!) I still land on PBS.

I still dig the shows that hit my passion of cooking and baking. Lidia’s Italy in America and America’s Test Kitchen aren’t shows that I necessarily go out of my way to watch but just as if I were a kid again, sprawled out on grandma and grandpa’s living room floor with that creepy ceramic cat staring back at me, I’m hooked when I catch them. It’s somewhat nostalgic at this point but all of this came to me today after I finished reading an article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine about Christopher Kimball. It’s a longer read but a must in my opinion.

“Cooking is about putting food on the table night after night, and there isn’t anything glamorous about it.” -Christopher Kimball 

Who doesn’t want to read about a man and his success after a quote like that?

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