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Joe's Tacos in Mill Valley, CA

After a day trip to Stinson Beach in Marin County, California and thanks to a quick food search on Foursquare, I ran across Joe’s Taco Lounge about 12 miles away in Mill Valley, California.

Stinson Beach

Stinson Beach was busy but not annoyingly crowded

Walking in, you’re greeted with a bar that sits in the middle of the restaurant and are surrounded by religious iconography, kitschy Mexican decor, bright red and green paint and fun lights. I loved all of the fun tablecloths on the tables too!

loved this tablecloth on our table

loved this tablecloth on our table

There isn’t anything on the menu that I wouldn’t have tried and I loved that it reminded me a little of a menu a taco truck vendor might have. I ordered a Mexican Coke, the marinated crab tacos and a side of Mexican rice.

marinated crab tacos

the marinated crab tacos had an awesome habanero mayo on them – so good!

I love the history behind this place + will definitely be back. Mill Valley, you are one lucky son of a gun to have this gem!

hot sauces

let Jesus help you pick your poison – lots of different varieties all around the restaurant on these little shelves

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Goods from the Famers Market

Last week I got a chance to check out Alemany Farmers Market in Bernal Heights, a neighborhood in San Francisco. All I can say is prepare yourself for craziness and more produce than you’ve ever seen in one place.

mini eggplants

loved these mini purple eggplants

I was like a kid in a candy store except this kid goes crazy over potatoes, kale and early girl tomatoes! Open every Saturday, this farmers market was founded in 1943 and boasts a ton of awesome spots to eat and more than enough vendors to make sure you find what you’re looking for. Check them out on Facebook!

potato mix

mixed yukon gold, red + purple potatoes ready for the grill

These mixed potatoes were perfect for the grill. Chop up a mix of yukon gold, red and purple and throw ’em in a bowl with some olive oil, sea salt, pepper, garlic, basil, red pepper flakes and throw them in a tin foil pocket for the grill (I also top the potatoes with a couple pads of butter on top before I seal the tin foil up).

purple potato

the inside of a purple potato – in case you wondered

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Beer List at City Beer Store in San Francisco

So… I’ve been missing. For about a month now? Sorry about that. As of this morning (around 4 AM), I am now temporarily living in an extended stay hotel in East Bay, CA. Can you imagine my kitchen-shock? My beautiful (and quite large) kitchen will be missed very much but I’m going to take this time in the City (I’ve been told not to call it the Bay Area – I apologize, I’m new to this!) to explore all of the amazing food options here. Stay tuned for more on that. I did cook tonight but I’m afraid nothing terribly blog-worthy (the boyfriend says it was the best hotel chicken he’s ever had). Without an oven and only 2 burners it’s a bit challenging to be trying out new things at this point.

I’ll be relying heavily on referrals, research, Foursquare, etc. to find all the right spots including beer joints. The one we checked out today was a recommendation from a friend back in Phoenix (thanks Courtney!) called City Beer Store in San Francisco. I checked in on Untappd with an amazing sour by Russian River Brewing Company. This was an awesome little space with a tasting room, plenty of options on tap and several bottle options to take home as well (I picked up the Ballast Point Double IPA for later). City Beer Store checkin on UntappdI’ll try to post when I can but make sure and follow me on Twitter, Facebook + most importantly Instagram + Foursquare + Untappd to keep up with the new adventures!


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I’ve been MIA for a bit – sorry about that! In the last couple of weeks I’ve started a new adventure and began working full time for Inman News as social media manager. I’m very excited about the opportunity, but have no fear. I will try to be better about staying on top of my little site!

This weekend I was able to take something off my check list of things I wanted to see while I live in Arizona – Tucson!

We started out by stopping through the West (Tucson Mountain) District of Saguaro National Park.

View from the Visitor’s Center

For $10 you can access both the East and West sides of the park with a variety of hiking trails. If we would have been more prepared, we probably would have stayed longer.

I love the texture!

One of the many trailheads at Saguaro National Park









We stayed at the Arizona Inn. If you don’t know about this place you really should read about its history.

Entrance to Arizona Inn – Courtyard area – Patio for bottom floor rooms

It’s amazing and probably the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve stayed. Who’s going to pass up their beautiful outdoor pool, bicycles to ride around Tucson and the nightly ice cream social by the pool? The list of movie stars that have stayed here are incredible. I can’t wait to go back!

Barrio Brewing’s Red Cat Amber


We also visited Barrio Brewing for lunch and their brews (I enjoyed their Red Cat Amber and my boyfriend liked the Barrio IPA) & Dragoon Brewing (I honestly was slightly disappointed with only 4 beers to try in their tasting room, none of which really surprised me but I did enjoy the Stronghold Session Ale and we both really liked their IPA, too).


I can’t forget Mission San Xavier del Bac. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tucson

Inside of the Mission – loved the pattern & texture of this door leading into the church – snake door handle on the entrance doors

the sunset outside the mission – love the iron work on the walls – detail of the front of the mission

Before we left on Sunday I had to check out the historic Hotel Congress. We waited to be seated in Cup Cafe (located inside the hotel) out in the lobby area of the hotel. A sun lit bar greeted us with fresh mimosas and Sierra Nevada Torpedo on tap. Drinks combined with the local live music and our 20 minute wait seemed like nothing at all.

Mimosa and live music in the lobby of Hotel Congress – Wine bottle chandeliers in Cup Cafe – loved the Ouija Board coffee table!

Once we were seated in the Cup Cafe I ordered a bloody mary. I was told the build your own was only at the outside bar and that the cafe’s bartender makes his own. I decided I’d try his. Served with olives and cucumber slices, I can say honestly this was the best bloody mary I’ve ever had (note: I am not a bloody mary expert so take that lightly – or don’t). Everything on the menu looked amazing but I was hooked the minute I saw BAGEL ‘N’ LOX on the menu. An everything bagel served with tequila-cured lox, capers, red onion, chopped egg, garlic chive cream cheese and I was in heaven.

Aside from all the crazy construction, we found some gems in Tucson and I can’t wait to go back!

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Not only was 1984 a great year for my parents to have their first-born (yes, me) – The film The NeverEnding Story came out! Random, I know. And it has absolutely nothing to do with green onions. Sorry…

After my trip to Denver, I made it back to my local open market and bought some green onions today. Did you know if you trim off as much of the green part, clean them up & put them root-down in a glass of water they’ll keep growing? Seriously. Try it.

*Special thanks to my Sam Adams tasting glass for helping me out on this!* 


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For the past few years I’ve been watching the boyfriend’s mom and sister make Icelandic pancakes – usually during the holidays or special family gatherings. A couple years ago I got my very own Icelandic pancake pan as a gift. I’ll admit, watching them cook these thin crepe-like wonders was intimidating and I kept the pan in the bottom drawer of my very out dated oven until we moved to Phoenix.

On our last night in Boston we were all hanging out and the boyfriend’s mother offered to make Icelandic pancakes (no one has ever turned this offer down that I know of).

stack of Icelandic pancakes

So, we drank wine, talked and made Icelandic pancakes. Here’s the recipe I use:

|| Read more

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On the last day of our pre-Christmas Boston trip last week, we decided to go downtown for a late breakfast before our flight back to Phoenix. When asked “how would you like your eggs cooked?” I naturally responded with “over medium, please.

I’m not quite sure why I was surprised when I was served two very runny eggs. It’s not even just said restaurant in Boston. It’s practically everywhere I’ve ordered my eggs over medium. So, as they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself.

How to make an over medium egg:
(the boyfriend loves over easy eggs so I’ll be explaining how to cook both in the same pan. at. the. same. time.)

1. Heat 1 tablespoon (give or take) in a large frying pan on medium to medium-high heat. Melt the butter through until it’s bubbly and make sure your heat is at least at

2. Crack all 4 eggs into the pan and scrape the edges of the eggs as they firm up. Keep scraping the edges away from the side of the pan as the eggs cook.




3. Since the boyfriend likes his eggs “easy” I drag my spatula through all four eggs to separate them.





4. About 4 or 5 minutes have passed by this point and I flip two of the eggs over to make mine over medium.




5. Quickly put the lid on top of the skillet and let the over easy eggs cook just a minute more to get the top glazed over. I usually pull the over easy eggs off the skillet and let my eggs cook just a bit longer.

All of this really depends on the type of pan you have and how your stovetop handles heat and different temperatures. Generally it takes me anywhere from 5-7 minutes to get the perfect over medium egg. It should be mostly cooked through, but not dry.

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